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No more wasting precious resources like paper and print. Digital Catalogue is quick and easy tool app where you can access your catalogue, update the information, receive and respond to the orders on the go.

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Minimalistic and simple design with maximal emphasis.Easy to navigate interface with ease to upload modify products.

App Showcase Image
App Showcase Image

SecuredPrivacy control

Share your exclusive products to exclusive customers with complete control over the customer to revoke access, show desired price or hide the price.

  • Tag your customers as per roles.
           Ex- Wholesalers, Retailer, Agent.
  • Restrict screenshot as per the customer
  • Restrict offline mode as per the customer
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Easyto Connect

Notify your customers with New Product Arrivals.Get notified on order request, Quote prices only on order request

  • Offline mode for Sales-Executive
  • Link Specific Customers to Sales-Executives
  • Simplified user experience
  • Sweet Animations
App Showcase Image
App Showcase Image

Easyto Customize

Get the App with your own Brand Name and Logo in the Market. Customize with different backgrounds, colors on request!

  • Additional customization option available on request with extra cost.

Superfeatures included

  • Unlimited color variations
  • Awesome app possibilities
  • Countless unique features
  • Lifetime customer support
  • WhatsApp Integrated
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Mr. Sandeep Mehta

It's a revolutionary product in the Eyewear Industry breaking the old traditional way of displaying the product and order processing. Just loved it.

Mr. Yousuf Shariff

Digital Catalogue App looks great, I missed something like this.

Mr. Aashish Sharma

I was going to develop an App for my business, but now I am using Digital Catalogue.

Mr. Rahul Amrik

Awesome. Tweaked it a bit and got myself an ideal App to showcase my products.

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You can choose from unlimited colors in the theme within the App